How to use progestin-Only pills

A Progestin-only pill is one of the types of birth control pill. These pills are very easy to use you just need to swallow one pill a day with the help of water. Who do not know how to use the progestin-Only pills for birth control singapore then let us discuss about it for your benefit.

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  • The progestin-only pills as the name suggest have only one hormone that is the progestin. It does not have estrogen hormone in it. These pills are also called mini pills or aka POPs. Slynd is one of the progestin-only pill types there is a slight difference in way of using it.
  • The progestin- The only pill should be taken within the same three hours daily. Let me explain to you with an example suppose you have taken the pill at one PM today then you have to take the next pill before four PM next day else it will put you at the risk of getting pregnant. It is better that you set a reminder to take the pill. There are many birth control pill apps that you can download on the mobile and that will help you to take your pill on time.
  • Unlike the combination pill which comes in three different types of packs, the progestin-only pill comes in only one type of pack is a twenty-eight days pack. You need to take one pill per day for all the twenty-eight days there are no hormone-free week pills in this pack. For the complete twenty-eight days, you have to take the hormone pills.
  • Above we have seen another type of progestin- The only pill type that is the Slynd. The slynd pill pack has twenty-four days hormone pills and four days hormone-free pills. The difference between the regular progestin-Only pill and slynd is that it can be taken anytime within twenty-four hours.


Hope that you will take the birth control pill accordingly and avoid getting pregnant.